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7 Things to Do To Be Happier

Success, money, and fame are overrated; it is happiness that we all yearn for!

The wealth, success, and a healthy lifestyle that we aim for, are nothing but just conduits that would make us happy.

So happiness is undeniably the feeling that derives all of our life-endeavors, and is a state of being that we want to experience for the most part of our lives.

While some may believe that is it running after the material things that their quest for happiness will be over and they will relish in the prolonged state of happiness, but happiness is not a destination, you see.

The life securities and abundance that you seek, are only going to give you a sense of security and short-lived sprouts of happiness. This is not to say that your goals are not worth pursuing, since we are here on this planet to provide plenty to ourselves and others, and attain all that we want in our lives.

However, happiness has got a little to do with what you have, and more to do with your approach to life. It is not something that you reach for, but rather a way of life-the way in which you do everything. It is your attitude and state of mind during the process of achieving those things, or the process of life itself.

If you want to make happiness a dominant emotion in your everyday life, you have to stick to the small things and develop some habits that would naturally make you a happier person.

No matter how gloomy you think you are or have always been, the best things you can do to become a happier person are given here.

Journal your emotions

For experiencing lingering happiness, first, you have to find and release the barriers against it. And stress is amongst the topmost negative emotions that drives us throughout the day. It is important that you know how to address this emotion, find solutions, and gradually eliminate it. One of the greatest reasons for stress is unexpressed emotions and oftentimes, we have to be in a situation where we are not allowed to say everything we mean as it could create major trouble.

Not processing your emotions wisely can lead to side effects such as stress and have a detrimental effect on your mental health and productivity. Journaling frequently can help your emotions let out on paper and get them out of your system so you do not have to deal with them mentally. As you will write what’s troubling you, you are more likely to release it, find solutions for it, and will find it easier to feel lighter and happier.

Do what you love

We all have some activities that we get totally lost in and lose track of time as we perform them. These are the activities that you love doing and do not even realize. The dearly loved hobby is what gets you in the flow of love, and helps you reconnect to your inner self. It could be painting, dancing, helping people, cooking, or anything that lights up your soul. Make time to do more of those things.

Whilst it is not easy to take time out from our busy lives, but making time for something you love will not make you happy but improve your performance on other crucial activities as well. Indulging yourself in activities and hobbies you love or that are your natural inclinations have an overall positive impact on your and helps in releasing negative emotions and stress. Practicing your natural talents aids in expressing your true authentic self and makes you happier than ever.

Opt for a healthy diet

Your mental health doesn’t need to be the only culprit here as not taking care of your physical health also leads to unhappiness and a troubled lifestyle. A lot of your physical and mental health issues are a result of what you eat and making significant alterations in your diet will help reduce your stress levels and will make you happier. Also, when we are stressed, we do not take account of what we eat and we tend to eat more junk to make us feel good, which ultimately results in more uncomfortable emotions. Incorporate wholesome foods, fiber, and protein-rich foods, vitamins into your diet and see its effects on your mental as well as physical state.

Add meaning to your conversations

Some spontaneous small-talk is necessary throughout the day as you go to your workplace and chat with friends. But talking about the weather or trending news all day is not going to make you feel alive. Human beings are social creatures that need to interact with each other in order to survive and acknowledge their existence in life. In a world where most conversations happen on social media or messaging apps, making time to have substantial and emotion-packed conversation becomes essential to our happiness. It is the lack of expressing ourselves fully and being vulnerable that deprives us of true happiness and makes us feel lost all the time. Indulge in meaningful conversations more, that help improve the quality of life, and you will feel content.

Choose your people wisely

It is life advice heard more often than not-that your tribe decides your vibe; it is the people that you hang around most with that impact your personality in obscure ways. No matter how dear that friend is to you, if he cribs and complains all the time, he is literally siphoning off the little joy you have inside yourself. And when you hang out with humorous and overtly positive people, who shine a light on the lighter side of life and do not take everything personally, you cannot help but unknowingly imitate the same traits. In case you can’t find any sarcastic friends with uncanny humor, make the internet your friend. Today’s social media dominant world has provided us with a lot of options when it comes to finding stuff and people that one can easily vibe with.

Maintaining the balance

No, we are not talking about the work-life balance and spending more time with your family-though these are important to lead a happy life. Here the emphasis is on mental well-being. Your mental state is your inner world, and the intensity of positivity and balance in that inner world is reflected in your outer world as well. It is from a balanced state of mind, that you would get more productive, focused, energized, and feel motivated the entire day.

For maintaining emotional balance, you have to search for that place of well-being and peace inside yourself. A non-chaotic state of mind that is not hampered by the inevitable challenges of life. However, doing this is easier said than done, because not everybody can get to the core of this unaffected mental state. Once you get to that continual feeling of well-being, the work does not stop there as you have to continue to nurture that inner balance through reading good self-help books and listening to the pearls of wisdom by your favorite influencers. This will definitely help cultivate a peaceful and happier disposition.

Reflect on your life journey

It is easy to get overwhelmed by seeing you are not where you want to be, and focus on the negatives of life, totally ignoring all that you’ve achieved so far. If you always determine your success based on what you have gathered on the material plane, then you are lacking the perspective you need to lead a happy life. If you are doubting yourself of achieving your goals based on certain challenges you might be dealing with, just reflect on your achievements for a while. Humans are designed to think negatively and imagine the worst possible scenarios owing to this defensive mechanism we all have. However, making a conscious effort to focus on the good, celebrating your achievements, and counting your blessings goes a long way in bringing you back to a peaceful and happy mental state. So before you get bogged down by comparing your life with others, have a look at your achievements and acknowledge how great you are.

Remind yourself that you have complete control over how happy you want to feel, and no event, human, and even your own negative thinking can devoid you of a happy life.

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