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antim the final truth review

Cast: Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

Screenplay: Mahesh Manjrekar, Abhijeet Deshpande, Sidharth Salvi

Cinematography: Karan Rawat

Edited By: Bunty Nagi

Music: Ravi Basrur (Score), Ravi Basrur, Hitesh Modak (Main)

Production Company: Salman Khan Films, SKF

Distributed By: Zee Studios

Release Date: Nov 25, 2021

Running Time: 140 minutes

Language: Hindi

Country: India

Viewer’s Ratings On:

Bollywood Hungama: 3.5/5⭐

The Indian Express: 1.5/5⭐

The New Indian Express: 2/5⭐

Times of India: 3/5⭐

IMDB: 8.1/10⭐

Antim: The Final Truth film review, Bhai is back with a Dabangg kind of role again, a cop full of action and swag.

In Antim: The Final Truth, Aayush looks like he can play any character effortlessly, he manages to snaffle a muscled-body & bare-chested scene or two, but make no mistake, the biggest lines are all by Salman Khan.
Film has a good first hour and the scene between Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma keeps the interest going.
Antim: The Final Truth, is an adaptation of a hit film from the Marathi Film Industry named Mulshi Pattern which was written and directed by Pravin Tarde. Pravin Tarde’s story describes some important issues like land mafia, migration of rural communities and their exploitation in urban areas, etc.

Mahesh Manjrekar, Abhijeet and Siddarth’s screenplay is ordinary in the pre interval part but is exciting after the interval. The characters and the plot points are so predictable and it seems that the film could have gone to great heights. The writers pepper the idea with beaten-to-death and insipid scenes in the second half. A few scenes in the film, however, are well written. Dialogues are sharp and commercial, without any exaggeration.

Ayush Sharma is playing a story of Rahul, a young guy from a small-town, who becomes one of the most dreaded land mafias in Pune. Till he becomes a Lord Mafia, he creates lots of new enemies and breaks many laws.

Based on the age-old ordeal story of farmers losing their land to mafias, Antim shows its repercussions when Rahul,The main lead, a farmer’s son who is jobless turns into one of the most terrified gangsters who later joins hands with some land mafias of Pune to fight injustice after his father is ripped off his land.

Mahesh V Manjrekar’s direction is okay. Manjrekar tries his best to make the film exciting. He also tries to give a realistic look and realistic setting to the film. The intermission point seems dramatic. After the first half, two sequences stand out – first, when Manda admonishes Rahul in front of hundreds in the market, and second, when Rahul tells Datta to come stay with him and Datta refuses.

The pre interval part is interesting and one expects the film will turn out to be a great fare in the second half, especially after Salman and Ayush’s fight at the interval point. grievously, the film goes downhill after the interval. The film picks up in the chase and the final fight, but the film ends on a very dark and depressing note. Also, the film is very local in its nature.

Salman Khan is not like Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg in top form but he manages to create impact in a few scenes. Thankfully, he has a chunk of the role and is there in the film from first to last. Aayush Sharma has improved as an actor a lot from his debut film, LOVEYATRI ]. Ayush has worked hard and it shows. Besides a good performance, his dialogue delivery is also praiseworthy. Mahima Makwana seems very confident on her debut and is memorable in the scene where she blasts Aayush.

Mahesh Manjrekar plays a similar kind of role as in DABANGG [2010]. His dialogue delivery is difficult to understand. Jisshu Sengupta (Pitya) and Nikitin Dheer (Daya) are average in their performance. Prem Dharmadhikari (Sidhu) gives an okay kind of performance and has a good amount of roles. Rohit Haldikar doesn’t have much to do in the film as his role is too small. Sayaji Shinde (Uday) and Bharat Ganeshpure (Lawyer) plays decent role. Sharad Ponkshe, Siddhi Dalvi and Chhaya Kadam (Rahul’s mother) don’t get much scope as their role is too small. Waluscha D’Souza looks fabulous in the item song.

Hitesh’s music is forgettable. The only song which is impactful is ‘Koi Toh Aayega’; it is played in the background. The other songs – ‘Bhai Ka Birthday’, ‘Hone Laga’, ‘Chingari’ and ‘Vighnaharta’ are not very memorable. Ravi Basrur’s background score is the best part of the music.

Karan B Rawat’s cinematography is forgettable, but some drone shots of the market are spectacular, Vikram Dahiya’s action is not over exaggerated and works well, The intro action scene by ANL Arasu is the best action footage in the film, Prashant R Rane’s production design seems realistic, Ashley Rebello and Alvira Khan Agnihotri’s costumes are real and still appealing, Bunty Nagi’s editing is clean and flawless..

ANTIM – THE FINAL TRUTH has an entertaining pre interval and the face-off between Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma keeps the audience hooked but the unexciting second half destroys the overall impact.

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