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Which e-liquid is safe?

You must be aware of the vast stack of vape juices available if you indulge in vaping- occasionally or regularly. Several vape lovers across the globe satisfy their taste buds with a delicious gust of tastes in their vape pods.  But, at the same time, it is necessary to know something more about your e-juices. Your senses must recognize whether you are using a vape that is safe and secure? You must be aware of the measures which determine the acceptability of your vape. So, here is a guide to help you decide the safest e-liquid among the flowing realm of the market.

Organic vape juices with minimal chemicals as ingredients in their recipe are safer. One of the safest electronic cigarette brands currently in the market is ” 100% VG ECOvape VSAVI” e-liquid. Unlike most brands that use chemicals to enhance the flavor and wardrobe lives of e-juices, ECOvape, as the name suggests, turns its way to naturally obtained fresh juices with minimal or zero use of chemical compounds. The company keeps the health of its customers in view and thus uses fewer chemicals than other brands.

Talking about chemicals, the fundamental point is to prefer those vape juices which are Diacetyl-free. This chemical generally acts as a popular artificial ingredient in the recipe. When added, diacetyl enhances the buttery essence and rich texture of the formula. Then why is it suggested to avoid it? The reason is that diacetyl is a toxic compound. It is responsible for causing lung ailments in humans as well as animals. It can lead to constrictive bronchiolitis- a disease that is caused when the functionality of the lungs is affected due to scarring of bronchi.

Leading the pathway, you can have a look at the topmost vape juices that are in the safe category of the vape market: –

1) Cloudride

The company claims to effectively operate the manufacturing process of its e-liquids under the cGMP compliance. Moreover, the ingredients are picked only from USA sources that enhance the satisfaction of quality control as per the FDA standards and guidelines.

2) Totally Wicked

When it comes to knowing about what you are buying, Totally Wicked helps you with the necessary transparency.  It has been the top-notch choice among vape users for years because of its safe results obtained after laboratory-based testing. The testing process ensures the premium class of vape juice.

3) PrimeVapor

The e-juice uses only natural products in manufacturing, which counts in vegetable glycerine, pure nicotine, and flavorings obtained from food products. The management of these organic resources in the recipe makes the liquid safe to use. Adding on, the vape juices made in the USA are generally considered secure because of the strict regulations for vape products after the new rule.

These three listed above are the e-liquid labels that are regarded as safe and reliable in terms of health security. We hope that we were able to elaborate on some of the facts required to examine the measures of safety of e-liquids.

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